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NUPRO® prophy paste's outstanding performance has made it clinician's preferred prophy paste for over two decades, and with its unique NovaMin® formula, NUPRO® extra care prophy paste is the clear choice for clinicians who want to do more for their patients than just polish. If you're looking for an effective, clinically proven solution that delivers immediate and long lasting relief from tooth sensitivity and at the same time removes stain and polishing teeth, choose NUPRO extra care prophy paste with NovaMin calcium phosphate technology.


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DENTSPLY Item # Description MSRP
175 cups per box
801600 Spearmint Polish (fine-medium grit) $63.99
801601 Spearmint Stain Removal (medium-coarse grit) $63.99
801602 Peppermint Polish (fine-medium grit) $63.99
801603 Peppermint Stain Removal (medium-coarse grit) $63.99
801604 Citrus Mint Polish (fine-medium grit) $63.99
801605 Citrus Mint Stain Removal (medium-coarse grit) $63.99
801606 Orange Polish (fine-medium grit) $63.99
801607 Orange Stain Removal (medium-coarse grit) $63.99
801608 Spearmint Polish Non-Fluoride (fine-medium grit) $63.99

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