NUPRO extra care - Powered by NOVAMIN

Every patient deserves extra care

NUPRO® extra care prophy paste provides immediate and long lasting sensitivity relief while delivering all the benefits you've come to expect from the #1 name in prophy, including excellent polishing and stain removal properties. The only prophy paste powered by NovaMin®, NUPRO® extra care prophy paste contains fluoride, calcium and phosphate ions for improved oral health. NovaMin® calcium phosphate technology releases the natural building blocks of teeth to help build an enamel-like mineral layer. The paste can also be applied before or after scaling to relieve sensitivity, and is available in two different grits: Polish, which is a fine to medium grit, and Stain Removal, which is a medium to course grit. NUPRO extra care prophy paste is dye-free, gluten-free and SLS-free and comes in four great-tasting flavors: Spearmint, Peppermint, Citrus Mint and Orange.

Economical and easy to use, NUPRO extra care prophy paste requires no additional steps or techniques to apply, so dental hygienists can easily incorporate a desensitization treatment into their standard prophy routine.