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Feedback from over 100 Prophy Paste Users

  • 84% intend to use our product in the future
  • 85% of users believe it lives up to its claims
  • 82% believes it addresses the concerns that lead to selective polishing
  • Most use it on over 50% of procedures

NUPRO® extra care prophy paste immediately relieves sensitivity and removes stain. But don't listen to us; listen to your peers who talk about their success. NUPRO® extra care prophy paste has helped clinicians like you treat their patients effectively and boost the profitability of their practices. Take a moment or two to see their enthusiasm for NUPRO® extra care prophy paste.


“I received my samples two weeks ago and today I had a patient with severe dentinal hypersensitivity. Your product worked so fabulously I had to write and tell you how grateful we BOTH were. He experienced immediate relief and his cleaning was so much more comfortable, which made me feel great!”

“I work at a (military) base and all of my patients are active duty, serving their country in the (military). Providing them with a relatively pain free prophylaxis is the least I can do for the sacrifices they make for all of us on a daily basis. I am happy to provide them with the latest, cutting edge products to help them achieve better oral health, and your new prophy paste is the best and most effective I have used.”

Cathleen Alty | RDH |20+ Years

“Smooth, easy to get out; patients really liked the product; prior to SRP=less sensitivity (dentinal).”

Jessica Bair | RDH | 2 Years

“Easy to remove from cup with prophy angle; worked for patients who experienced sensitivity; many comments on the great flavor.”

Amy Boyer | RDH | 1 Year

“I like very much the sensitivity relief and of course stain removal!!”

Nancy Sensenig | RDH | 30 Years

“I would purchase this product since it duplicates the current paste but improves upon the properties. A product with decreased sensitivity ability is always a plus in the dental world!”

Suzanne Ulmer Wenger | RDH | 24 Years

“From a Clinicians point of view using NUPRO extra care to comfort the patient is very important …. Like to have patient retention and this is one way to keep patients comfortable and keep them coming back during a routine prophylaxis.”

Lori Palmer | RDH | 15 years